About Shalonda

Peace! I’m Shalonda Reed and cooking is my love and passion. I’ve been cooking since I was six years old and have been experimenting in the kitchen since then.

I decided to become vegan after my husband and I watched a few documentaries on how chicken, beef and other meats were processed. We  haven’t looked back. Here’s a snapshot of my journey and how I started my vegan lifestyle.

2014 I eliminated red meat. These were the hardest, I loved steak and bacon.

2016 My husband and I started our family and my first son, Michael Jr. was born.

2017 I cooked my first vegan Thanksgiving and it was a success with my entire family of mostly meat-eaters.

2018 I started sharing vegan recipes and shopping lists to my coworkers after being asked about vegan dishes.

2019 I started It’s Vegan By Shalonda business. 

2020 My second son, Malik was born and I left my full time job to commit to my business full time!

2021 I publish my first vegan recipe e-book

I give thanks for the opportunity to continue creating quality, flavorful and healthy recipes for you and your family!

Feed you soon!

Shalonda XoXo